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Other plans

You are a member of a pension plan other than RREGOP or the PPMP? To access the documents that will provide you with the main provisions of your public sector pension plan, click on the link that corresponds to your plan.

  • The RPSO (Retirement Plan for Senior Officials)
  • The TPP (Teachers Pension Plan)
  • The CSSP (Civil Service Superannuation Plan)
  • The PPCT (Pension Plan of Certain Teachers)
  • The PPPOCS (Pension Plan of Peace Officers in Correctional Services)
  • The PPFEQ (Pension Plan for Federal Employees transferred to Employment with the Gouvernement du Québec)
  • The RPCHCN (Retirement Plan for Active Members of the Centre hospitalier Côte-des-Neiges)
  • The PPEMO (Pension Plan of Elected Municipal Officers)
  • The PPCJBJ (Pension Plan of Certain Judges appointed before 1 January 2001)
  • The PPJCQM (Pension Plan of the Judges of the Court of Québec and of Certain Municipal Courts)
  • The PPCJQ (Pension Plan of Certain Judges of Québec)
  • The PPMNA (Pension Plan of the Members of the National Assembly)
  • The SPMSQ (Superannuation Plan for the Members of the Sûreté du Québec)