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For beneficiaries of public sector pension plans

List of subjects

In this section, documents for beneficiaries are listed by subject. Click on the subject that interests you to access the documents related to that subject.

Note: Most of these documents are available in PDF format. To view or print them, use Adobe Reader This link will open in a new window. (version 9.0 or up), available free from Adobe.



List of subjects





  • Reduced Buy-Back of Service Following Retirement This link will open in a new window. PDF.

    The present document is intended for the pensioners from the RREGOP, the PPCT, the CSSP and the TPP. It provides information about the possibility of applying for a buy-back if the service used to calculate your pension is to be reduced while you are retired.

Contribution to a Pensioners Association

If your association has an agreement with us and you wish to have your membership fees deducted from your public sector retirement pension, you must contact your pensioners association directly.

To know which associations have concluded such an agreement with us:

Coordination with the Québec Pension Plan

In the Event of the Breakdown of Your Union

Pay Equity

Pension After Tax

Questions and Answers About the Public Sector Pension Plans

  • Guide for New Beneficiaries RREGOP and PPMP This link will open in a new window. PDF.
    This brochure is intended for pensioners of RREGOP and PPMP. It deals with various subjects: pension indexation, tax deductions, integration with the Québec Pension Plan at age 65, pension review, return to work, death, direct deposit, etc.

Returns on Plans

Statement of Deposits

  • Statement of Deposits
    This section presents the personalized document showing a list of direct deposits for one year for your public sector pension plan, as well as the first direct deposit of the new year.

The PPMP at a Glance

  • The PPMP at a Glance
    This newsletter is intended for the members and pensioners of the Pension Plan of Management Personnel (PPMP).

Your 2019 Pension (Statement of Benefits)