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Members of the public-sector pension plans

You are a member of the public-sector pension plans if:

  • you are covered by a public-sector pension plan we administer;
  • you contribute to a public-sector pension plan we administer;
  • or, you keep your benefits accrued under a public-sector pension plan even if you stopped accruing those benefits.


Public sector pension plans

Understand your pension plan

  • PPCJQ (available in French only)
  • PPFEQ (available in French only)
  • PPMNA (available in French only)
  • PPEMO (available in French only)
  • RPSO - Civile service  (available in French only)
  • SPMSQ (available in French only)
  • PPPOCS (available in French only)
  • TPP (available in French only)
  • RPSO  The education and the health and social services sectors (available in French only)
  • PPCT (available in French only)
  • PPCJBJ (available in French only)
  • CSSP available in French only)
  • RPCHCN (available in French only)

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